Home Tandoor Oven Large 18"Diameter x 26" Height Round -DC Naan Chef

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Home Tandoor Oven Large 18" Diameter x 26" Height Round- DC Naan Chef

NaanChef brand tandoors are best quality made by excellent craftsmanship with the highest quality material available.Making tandoors for generations 

You can cook tandoori food what every you can think of Vegetable,seafood,meat different varieties same Indian Restaurant style.

Large tandoor oven can serve between 10-30 people 


10 Mix Skewers (Round and Square)

1  Set Roti Removal Skewers

1 Bread Cushion

1 Lump of clay extra

1 Stainless steel lid with brass handle


18" Diameter

26" Height

11" Mouth opening approx.

Caster wheels


Tandoor oven must be used outdoor or installed under exhaust hood as per relevant national and local codes.

Due to weight and some restrictions all tandoors are shipped by trucking companies ,delivery time would depend on address and easy accessible for trucks