Dart Chef Naan/Pita Machine oven Made in UK RD30- New Delux Roto Model Extra features

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Manufactured in Great Britain

Dart Chef  oven are preferred for naan, tandoori roti and pita making over traditional tandoor oven due to its easiness to cook and anyone can cook without tandoori chef knowledge. Manufacturer has been manufacturing food machinery for more than 10 years.

Dartchef oven Naan/tandoori Roti/pita 

-Easy to operate no requirement of experienced staff

-Start up time required 5-7 minutes (Fastest as compared to other competitors) and to compare typical clay oven which require minimum 40 minutes

-Powerful Individual three Burners, cutting down on time and cost

-Finished in a high quality stainless steel panel and covers

-Meter provided so you know temperature to monitor oven inside heat 

-Connect gas pipe and its ready to use

-Variable speed control, Auto Igniting pilot 

-Works on NATURAL GAS(LPG Converter Kit available)


-Size 39"W X39" D X51"H X 30" Cooking tawa

-Natural Gas(LPG Conversion kit)

-weight: 400lbs

-110 Volts